Dürer Solid

Dear Deer

Please take this humble offer with open mouth and mind. Lick this salty solid of Dürer. It's here for You to enjoy! Feel it with Your sticky tongue! Lick, my friend, this roughly sculpt block to it's perfection! You can just look at it, of course, if that works better to You. At least I find it visually satisfying. Please, don't hesitate, its good for Your diet, salt and minerals You may lack of. I placed it here just for You. No, for us!

This is not my best language and I know we don't share it. Thats for sure. But we both have a tongue wriggling in our mouths. And at least mine is very sensitive. I believe yours is too. Let's go on with that. I know Albrecht Dürer went to Italy to study geometry and after he climbed back over the Alps, it made a big influence on Northern Europe as he introduced the theory of perspective projection. And anyways the geometry has played an important role in our culture for ages, and so on. I know a whole bunch of stuf on history, math and art but it's another story, it's not relevant here. Let's feel this form now, this shape and its essence! Taste it. I promise to lick it after You. Please don't take im lecturing to You, thats not the case. Actually I can't do this just by my self, I need You to help me. I hope we can build a contaction here. Even a faint one. No pressure! I have hands and fingers to work with precise form, that is charasteristick for my kind, and still, when it gets serious I rely on my mouth and tongue. We are not too far from each others to collaborate I hope. Right? Let's finish this shit up together!

Yours Sincerely

Jussi Matilainen

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