Apocalyptic perspective

It’s been already one week since we arrived to Finland and the first impression was that this place on hearth has lots of space. Space for silence, space to walk on the streets, space for agriculture, space for sauna and even space for artistic installations presented in a very peculiar way.

Korkeaoja, has an amazingly beautiful landscape with a strong and impregnating green. We were received by a wonderful family and integrated in a very interesting group of people/artists.

In this rural area we have all the conditions that every cultural/artistic association should have and also because of that the time unit varies when there are millions of little things to look at, to be inspired by and also to use.

I’m now the southern element in the group and considering that I noticed that my artistical approach to the theme of the Kasitekesa exhibition is quite different from the rest. Considering sustainability my approach is toned by an apocalyptic perspective without being too negative.

The oil containers are the basic elements to work with and they will have embodied the forthcoming era, representing seed vaults that can be the only option in our human survival.

Inspiration: Svalbard Global Seed Vault

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